Jam Union

Intuitive event listings, as well as group and calendar management without the fuss social networking... coming soon.


Blog & Podcast

Music, arts and current events program.


Equal parts web incubator and civic think tank, we are creating new means for you to connect to your community through the net. By providing interactive tools for people to access the arts, current events and politics in a tangible way, we believe we can energize our local political ethic and strengthen global democracy.

Feel free to browse our projects here, or send President & CEO Jordan Schroder your comments and ideas.

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Greater Edmonton Transit System


Alternative ideas for a Greater Edmonton Transit System. Blogging future LRT plans & smart-growth in the Capital Region.



Find your community and share your thoughts on important topics of discussion. Non-commercial and free to register.



A collaborative project space for communities, and various organizations. Non-commercial and free to register.


Smart-growth projects and local urban planning concepts from around the world... coming soon.

Free From Oil

Free From Oil

Energy scarcity awareness, and lobbying for fossil fuel alternatives.

Alberta 2020


A progressive coalition of social groups, research institutes, and other organizations mandating sustainable provincial policies... coming soon.

March Day

Celebrating our innate freedoms and rights with an annual holiday of solidarity... coming soon.



The Advanced Global Integration of Research and Administrative Framework for Fundamental Education treaty. A worldwide accord for sharing knowledge and developing a humanist curriculum guideline... coming soon.